Friday, September 14, 2012

Working girl mani!

Hey everyone!
          I know we've been gone for DAYS, but i hope you like that we're bringing it back! I was trying to grow out my nails and it was working for a while... except for the fact that they were SOOO freaking weak :( it took me forever for them to grow even a little too! I am an avid nail biter- hence the fake nails. so while my nails were nicely growing and long i decided to put some polish on it to make it a little more break- resitant ahahaha

What i used: Sally- Invisible(dries really quick) and L.A. Colors - Hot pink (no name/warn down)
so i call it the work mani because i was literally at work :) hope my bosses dont see that one! and well my nails were plain. SO i nicely shaped them, not taking to much off because i am proud of the length and then i used some tape to tape off the parts the i didnt want hot pink. After i did 2 coats i waited for the polish to dry before i took the tape off and then topped it off with the clear coat invisible by Sally (didnt have seche vite on me!meow!) and this is the outcome. Not saying all you bored ladies should do this at work but heyyyyy if you can get away with it!

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