Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Out Of This World!

Hello helloooo!! 

  It has been so long since we've posted anything and I am so excited to be doing so right now.I'm sure you can tell by the title where this post is going.I know,I know-galaxy nails are old news but I was so happy with the outcome of these when I did them a few months back.So without further adieu...

  The base color is the infamous Wet N' Wild black creme,the white I used is MAC's vestral white,the blue is Orly's shockwave,peachy coral is Julep's Sasha and yellow is a very old no name N.Y.X. Topped off with my SV topcoat.I don't think I've ever mentioned that I use Orly's rubberized base coat which in my opinion makes a huge difference of the longevity of my mani.
  There you have it folks.As my oldest would say- easy peazy lemon squeezy. Expect more blogs now that my awesome husband got me something more reliable to post from.Comments and feedback always welcomed!

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