Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello Hello!

  Well I just couldn't go without posting something for our first Halloween.I wanted to do something festive and actually had some time to! That's my treat to myself for the day haha.So I'm going to dive right into it.

  Everything I did myself except for my pointer finger which is a stamp from one of my image plates.My thumb is (an attempt at) a black widow and her web,pointer a witch on her broomstick (BM13 image plate) flying across a full moon,middle is the famous Jack Skellington,ring an owl and last a couple of bats.I hope you can tell what they were,I'm not an artist just wanted to get into the spirit of the day.I used a lot of colors so won't bore you with the whole list but if you do want to know what any particular color is I'll be happy to tell you if you ask :)
  I have a fun evening of trick or treating with my boys ahead of me! Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Go To Mani

Hello Hello!

 Well I'm sure you all have a go to mani right? I definitely do! With three little ones I don't necessarily have all the time in the world sometimes to do my nails.I wish I did-but truth is I don't.At the same time I like having polish on,I'm not a huge fan of my hands and have an even bigger complex when my nails are naked.Sooo this is my go to,something neutral that I can wear throughout the year but at the same time has a little pizazz.

  Simple enough right? My base color is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey-which I will add is one of my all time favorite neutrals! For my "leopard" spots,they came out wonky looking this time for some reason,I used Orly's french manicure polish in Natural and used one of the Sally Hansen's nail art pen in black for the outline.
  Done and done,yes that simple.I know it may be a little plain but it makes me happy.Oh and please excuse my nubbin of a nail in the middle there.Yes I'm a bit ashamed (hangs head) but I wanted to post this blog.Let me know what you think and what your go to mani is!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cuppycakes! mmm Yummy!!!

Hi All!

These are probably my favorite nails yet! I love them! Not only are they pink, but they have cupcakes :) Which became an infamous word/nickname for my beautiful little nephew/godson when she first got pregnant with him! Haha yeah, we're pretty cool.

What I used: Besides a lot of time and patience! was this Mod Squad Pack(picture below), they didnt have a name on the bottle, & I used Sally Hansen's White On, with some Seche-Vite too! Along with my UV gel, my dotting utensil, UV Top coat , UV Lamp and Tape!
 To start off everything I put on my tips, then brought out the UV Gel. I have white UV gel so I used that so later on when I painted my nails I wouldn't have to worry about a line. After I did a thin coat of Gel and cured it for 3 mins in my UV Lamp i applied another thin coat and cured it again for 3 minutes. Then it was time to get down to business! I started off with what would be the most time consuming nial polish...the light pink! I aplied it to my ring finger,middle finger and thumb... and then the waiting game began. It took 4 good coats, and in between that I painted my pinky and index finger pink.
Then I did the easy part, the dots! I took a piece of paper, dabbed a little bit of Sally's White On! onto the paper and with the big ball of the pen I added dots to my pinky and index finger. I wont have to worry about those 2 fingers until its time to put on the UV top coat.

After it was all dry I added a top coat of Seche Vite to the Lighter pink/nude finger s(ring finger, middle finger and thumb). I did this so when i put the tape on it wouldn't peel of the nail polish I had just worked so hard on haha! I cute the tape into thin strips and placed them diagonal across my thumb and middle finger. Press on the tape so you can make sure that you get straight lines. (I dont know why I didnt take pictures of this process)

Once done put a piece of tape on the ring finger, not a thin piece though.I put the tape covering the nail that goes further then my finger. Paint the nail bed part with the darker pink.Wait for it to dry before taking off the tape, then, Cut up some more thin pieces of tape and when you take off the tape thats on your nail, put the new tape perpindicular to the line you have created.Bring out the darker pink again and paint over the tape. when its dry take it off, take your White On! and the dotting utensil and start making a fluffy looking cupcake, or which ever you prefer :) I added a 2mm rhinestone thats red to top it off! and put some nice shiny silvers,gold's and blue's to bedazzle the cupcake even more! hahaha
Top it off with a UV top coat, and if you cure it for 6 mins, it doesnt come out so tacky!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toe-Tally Tuesday Pt.II !!!

Hi All!

Since I am in and animal print this week, I decided cheetah would be a good Toe-Tally Tuesday Design. But I wanted to mix it up a bit so I tried this little layering technique.

What you'll need to get this look: Jesse's Girl-Fool's Gold, Jordana-Mango, NYC in a minute quick dry-Times Square, Borghese- Booo Maraschino( that last one was on clearance at walgreens! One of sissy's and i many trips out to get nail polish heehee) and Wet n' Wild- Black Creme. I also used a makeup sponge, the triangle ones in particular because i had them already, but its easier to use because it has corners.. just my opinion :)
The reason I named those nail polish's off in that order is because that's how I used them.Start off with the base coat of fool's Gold, I used 2 coat's... its such a pretty color! Wait for it to dry, then take the sponge applicator and dab the corner on the brush part of the (in this case) Mango nail polish, don't put too much, you dont want it to be chunky. And thinner layers dry quicker.Start from the tip of your toe and sponge on the nail polish and let it taper off as you get it closer to the cuticle.. don't cover the whole nail bed, you want the gold to stand out! Then I took the Time Square and repeated the same step, started at the tip and tapered down to just before the Mange ended, it has a cool fading affect. Then you take the darkest color, which was my Borghese-Booo Maraschino and repeat the tapering to before times square.. sorry I forgot to take a picture! 

Then I took my M57 plate and used the Black Creme on the Cheetah design, did the usual of covering the plate and scraping and then stamping each one of my toes!... My pinky's were hard haha!
I love them! although my camera didnt do the nails justice!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi All!

I did these quick and easy nails not too long ago! I didnt have much time and wanted something pretty still(what girl doesnt!?) And because I stated earlier QUICK & EASY this is no joke, only took me like a half hour! i had just gotten these rose pink tips in :) Sooooooooo I thought I HAD to use that... and i was right!

I used my acrylic liquid and powder, the pink tips, seche vite top coat, Wet n' Wild Black creme along with the konad stamp plate m57
After i did the acrylic which included glueing the tips on cutting them to the length I liked and addign the acrylic on and shaping that and waiting for it to dry and then evening out any rough spots or grooves. I was ready for stamping :) Before I get into that i just want to let everyone know what kind of acrylic I use. I got the Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit. I always use kiss but what I didnt see when I got this was the little green bottle of Acrylic masking formula. All you do is stick a couple drops in the acrylic liquid and the smell goes away... and it doesnt just go away it smells like green apples!!! mmmmmmm delicious! Unless you dont like apple haha It the little green bottle on the far right :) It also comes with the addhesive liquid to put on the nail bed to make the acrylic hold longer... I never though there was a significant difference in it but there really is!
After all that good stuff, I brought out the Konad M57 plate along with the little rubber stamp and scrapper and zebra-fied my nails haha I took a Q-tip afterward and cleaned up any excess nail polish and went over is with seche-vite top coat and it looked perfect in my opinion! Zebra and cheetah are always a good go to design.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TOE-tally Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Lex came up with a brilliant idea so I could include my little piggy's in the blog, I may not like feet... but I dont neglect mine :) so to kick off Toe-tally Tuesday's, since this is the first post for it, I am going to keep the Bow's coming! I just bought this nice Insta-Dri color from.. you guessed it Sally Hansen. Even if it's a "summer" color, it brightens up my fall season :)

I only used the Sally Hansen's Snappy Sorbet, Wet n' Wild Black Creme, Seche Vite Clear and 2 konads M19 (Top)  and M56(Bottom)

I dont use base coats, never looked into it really... it's probably due to my lack of patience since its another coat of nail polish I have to wait for to dry. So I just got snappy (get it!) and went to my new color Snappy Sorbet from Sally (we're good friends so she lets me call her by her first name haha). After 2 coats of my insta-dri I got my M56 plate out and got ready to stamp with the Wet n' ild Black Creme. Side Note: I had never used "tip plates" for Konads before, and I found out they work better when you spread the nail polish back and forth thru the length of the design, more nail polish gets in it so its stamps easier and the design comes out more distinct..but thats just my opinion!

After I did the bow on my big toe I thought it was just too plane, Sooooo I took the M19 plate and Black Creme again and gave myself some Black tips. It made a BIG difference. Finished it all off with the Seche Vite clear top coat and I was finished! Quick,fast & easy!
And I didnt realize until after i did it, but i got into the Halloween spirit!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hi All! Over the weekend I recieved my very first uv lamp and gels, along with some dotting utensils...needless to say I squealed and called my big sissy Lex IMMEDIATELY! I think I stared in "awe" at everything for quite a while, organizing everything perfectly. I look like i have a personal salon taking over a good chunk of my living room haha. Last Friday i also bought this new Orly Nail polish called passion fruit, gorgeous color! Anyways, back to my nails!

What I used was the UV Nail lamp (36 watt), pink UV Gel, UV Cleanser(take off any tacky-ness), UV Top Coat,nail glue, 3 nail polishs, Pink and white 1.5 mm rhinestones and a dotting utensil. You dont have to use any of the UV Stuff, i have a problem of biting my nails and this keeps my hands out of my mouth. You can apply everything to your natural nail and just finish off with Seche-Vite.

I used Orly Passion Fruit, Sally Hansen's White On! and my trusty Wet n' Wild's Black creme. I did my nails with the usual white tip (so I could just paint over the white part and not have to measure).
I then applied the UV Pink gel in a thin layer evenly across all of the nails, this stuff is sticky so make sure the cleanser is next to you at all times! I cured it for 3 minutes, took a paper towel and the cleanser and washed off the extra tacky-ness then applied another coat and cured that for 3 more minutes. I then put nail polish over the 3 nails that were left white.
Dont worry about cleaning the excess off until your done, in my opinion its a waste of time :) I used 2 coats of the Sally Hansen's White on! for my pinky, only one coat of the Black Creme for my middle finger and I believe 3 coats of the Passion fruit for my thumb(you could still see where the line of the white tip was after 2 coats and it bugged me!) I took my dotting tool (the one with the biggest ball on the end) and on a piece of paper I put a small amount of the Passion Fruit and Black Creme so I could dip the tool in it (it's easier to do it this way so you can get a full circle instead of an oval) I dotted my pinky and thumb black and middle finger pink.

I then took out a couple of the pink and white rhinestones( you can use as many or little as you want) and from the top corner of my index finger I worked my way in diagonal alternating between pink and white. On my ring finger I cheated, i was going to originally use tape but I didnt want to waste time cutting the strips up, I get impatient! so with the smaller end of the dotting tool I poured out a little bit of White on! and Black Creme onto a piece of paper and use the circle to make a straight line. I know wish I had just used the tape, but its fine. I finished everything thing off with a UV Top coat and cured for 6 Minutes. And here is the amazing outcome, if i do say so myself ! haha

My camera makes the Passion Fruit darker then what is actually is.

I LOVE IT, do you?!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling Catty

 So now that my sissy has posted I figured I would try to give this whole blog thing a whirl.Like V said we are pretty much nail crazy,every time we're together we always go on these mini adventures for more yup you guessed it...polish.Even while on the phone we talk about new ideas and trends,I know pathetic right? Hahaha.

 Well with that said let's jump right into this post.The image plate I used was Konads m57.My base color is L.A. Colors white and Wet N' Wild's black creme to stamp.To fill in the dots the colors are (in the same order as the picture) an old N.Y.C that I can't find a name for,Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!,a no name Color Zone that's a pretty generic neon pink,Sinful Colors Dream On,Orly Holla and A Kiss Brush on nail art with the fine brush-also no name but I'm sure any ol' lime green will do.My outcome being this...

 Love the brightness of this mani! I guess the only down side is it takes about 3-4 coats of the white to become opaque.Still searching for that perfect white...sigh.Top that with my favorite topcoat-Seche Vite and voila! Hope you guys like!

BOW-nified Nails

Hi Readers! My older sister Lex got me into nails and now i am completely obsessed! SO in tribute to her, and all her awesomeness(since this is the first post) I decided to add some much needed detail to just a boring french tip. I cant have my nails plain anymore since she intruduced me to Konads. So if your ever in a hurry and dont have time to do much, I would highly recommend this since its so easy. Or if you dont want to pay for any designs at the nail salon, you can go in, get your regular acrylic set done & add a stamp.

I started off with just giving myself a regular acrylic french tip set (Lex also taught me how to do acrylics, I know...she's amazing!)and once I was done with that, before I put a top clear coat on I went to my handy-dandy stamp set and couldnt wait to try this plate.

Mind you I bought this when I was on vacation, and couldnt wait to get home to use it! I talked about it for a good hour at least, and then would bring it up randomely throughtout the day that I was so happy to have it...yeah i get excited about this stuff super easily haha.

Once i got everything set up I brought out my stamping tools,and my wet n' wild Black Creme and very carefully just put a the black nail polish on the 3 lines leading away from the bow.

I took the Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Plus Baby Doll(Red haha) and filled in the Bow part of the konad plate, I took the scraping tool thats included in the picture above and scrapped of the excess nail polish, took the rubber part and placed it on the plate and QUICKLY applied it to my nails, I cannot stress the emphasis on QUICKLY.. this stuff dries instantly, ladies. Applied a top coat of Wet n' Wild Clear coat, added a rhinestone for some Bling-Bling and BOOM! I was done.
SO if you guys like, tell me what you think!