Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stars At The Tips Of My Fingers

Hello Hello!

  Literally,wanted to do something glitzy and also realized I had never used this stamp before.What better time than right? So my base color Sissy got for me because she had got it and we both fell in love with it.Hope you like!

  So for the base I used one (yes just one!) coat of Milani's Gold Glitz,it's part of their One Coat Glitter line but how often are polishes ever really one coat? To say I was a skeptic at first is an understatement but this polish really wowed me.For my stamping I used my BM20 image plate and of course Wet N Wild's Black Creme.Warning,this is a topcoat eater! Which I didn't mind-just added two coats of SV so that it was smooth instead of one.Don't you love it though?! There's also some copper glitter in there which is what put it over the top for me.Hope you all enjoyed this mani as much as I did!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cute as a Button!

Hi all!

I know its late! I am so sorry, but life has been busy busy busy!!! especially with holidays right around the corner. As my sissy mentioned earlier we went on hiatus, we were planning on posting together... but we were constantly out, she stands strong with me and my shopping habit haha. Back to my post :)

What I Used: Love & Beauty- Goat, Wet n' wild's- Black Creme, Bourgese- BOOO Maraschino,Sally Hansen's White on and Insta Dri-Blue

I picked up Goat at Forever21... on one of the many shopping trips i took with my sister. I fell in love with this color instantly, I think mostly because its a color my sissy would wear :) After 2 coats of Goat (LOVE the name! haha)

I brought out my image plate with the buttons on it and stamped Black Creme, and then Blue and then White on... But i felt it was a little plain. SO I threw in BOOO Maraschino. I absolutely love this design. Perfect pedi for fall! and just in time for my to wear strap-open-toed shoes to the office tomorrow! haha Well Good night everyone, I promise I will get better at posting earlier!!! Shawny, I hope you have forgiven us haha <3 you all

Monday, November 28, 2011

All That Glitters

Hello Hello!

    Sorry for our hiatus,not very often that we get to have a few days together so when we do we stay up late and hang out.We are back though! After what I feel was too short of a holiday weekend.I used one of my zoya's today and just added a little.

  As you can tell my nails decided to do me dirty and break but the show must go on.I used Zoya's Jem and on my accent finger I used Milani's Gold.Waned to have a bunch of sparkle and with Jem and Gold I think I accomplished that.Hope you all liked it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi all!

SO after I came out of a food coma from all the turkey,ham,stuffing,green beans, mashed potatoes, read & what 8 pies my sissy made :) I decided I now have enough energy to post this up! yeyyyyy.Before I say anything I would just like to add that if you were not at our residence sharing the feast with us...I feel really  bad, because we deep fried the turkey and it was AWESOME!But onto my post. I had to do something festive, Thanksgiving really isnt celebrated like others, maybe because its squished inbetween Halloween and Christmas...who knows?

What I used: Zoya-Pippa, Zoya- Jinx, Jesse's Girl-Fools Gold, Sally Hansen's- White on, Wet N' Wilds-Black Creme, Zoya- Gabrielle, Zoya Midori,Love & Beauty- Taupe/Champagne, Sally Hansens-Red, Insta Dri- Brisk Blue. A stamping Plate and dotting utensils.

I started off by doing 2 coats of Pippa, brought out my stamping plates and got to work haha. All I really used was 1 plate that had 6 flowery/vine designs that I thought were festive enough :) I used the Jinx to do the stamping with. I thought the designs were still a little plain, so I added some dots, you cant go wrong with them! I then delve into the turkey (literally) and just started making a little replica of what I thought looked tasty hahaha!

I hope you guys liked it! If you have any questions about anything just ask :) I will be more then happy to answer. And for those of you going out on black friday be safe! Hope everyone enjoyed their dinner and/or just the company of loved ones!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello Hello!

  Well if you couldn't tell by the title I decided to do a newspaper mani! I'm going to jump right into it seeing as my time is non-existent today!

  So easy! I used Zoya's Dove as my base.For the news paper all you have to do is dip you nail into alcohol for about five seconds then hold a piece of news paper on your nail firmly for about fifteen seconds.Add your topcoat and you are done! Now back to my pie making and anticipating on my sissy's arrival!!! Woot Woot! hope you all enjoyed :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toe-Tally Tuesday!

Oh Hi!

So I bought my first molds this week, not the disgusting ones that grow on dirty things, but the pretty ones with designs like butterflies, candy and flowers in it :) haha anyways, I was sooo excited to finally get to use them! I got them for a great deal too! so expect some 3D snowflakes for the christmas season!

What I Used: Zoya- Midori, rose molds & random colors I wanted my flowers to be haha

I did 2 layers of Midori, and then got to work on the roses, I had to fill the molds with UV Gel or Acrylic... I tried UV at first thinking it would be easier, but I didnt like it very much. It was a lot harder to work with because it has a sticky consistency/texture. So I used just clear Acrylic (I dont have any white..yet!) which made it easier for me to put it in the mold. So that was a huge plus++. SO once all that jazz was done I grabbed random nail polishes for flower colors and made a light coat of nail polish(too thick you wont be able to see the design.... I learned this the hard way) and then wait for it to dry and apply! I went a little crazy with them because I wanted to use them and see how they would turn out... and how durable they are (very). I would either use color acrylic next time for the molds or at least a white acrylic, the clear made the nail polish look transperent and you really cant do that many coats.

I like the way the right foot came out more, but i do <3 the pink flower on my left pig toe :) What do you guys think?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh Dree

Hello Hello!

  Today I got yet another simple mani.I know I do a lot of these but I sometimes these are the ones I have time for.I kept it feeling fall-ish with the color and stamping.

  I used Zoys's Dree which reminds me of an olive.Enjoying this color soo much.For my accent finger I used Kleancolor's Mocha.I stamped with the Dree again to tie it in a little more,Kleancolor's Jewelry Red and Nicole's The Next CEO using my BM05 image plate.It didn't take me any time at all.Really enjoying this one as simple as it is.Hope you all did too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Silver Dollar!

Hi all!

Today has been such a long day! and with trying to do some early Christmas shopping I decided todays nail polish should be Silver dollar... since I am spending all my dollars!!! ahaha I really love this color, its shiny without beng too metallic & its a good color to stamp with :)

What I used: Revlons- Silver Dollar & some stamping stickers I got in a manicure bundle set

I did 1 coat of Silver dollar and then on the ring finger I put the pink flower sticker.

Sorry if you guys think I am playing it safe! I will set more time aside for some crazy nails haha

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Incognito Dots

Hello Hello!

  Today I did something ridiculously simple but I love it.I think maybe because it's subtle with that little extra is what gets me.So here it is.

I used O.P.I's Lincoln Park After Dark which is an awesome deep purple.Although you can't tell really by the picture so much but I promise it's a lot prettier in person.Since LPAD is a matte polish I just used some clear for the dots.I love this because at first glance you don't see the dots.On a down side to my mani today,you can see my middle nail broke once again.Ohh what a shame,I swear that nail has something against me.Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Metallic Madness!

Hi everybody!

I had to something really quick with my nails because I have been busy-busy-busy at work. but of corse it had to be a little flashy!

What I used: Love& Beauty- Taupe/Champagne and some nail stickers i picked up from Walmeezy (Walmart) haha

This color is one of my favorites! I picked it up at Forever21 just for the Vegas trip I took in the beggining of October(so much fun by the way!) This color is so pretty by it self that you dont really ned much of anything to go along with it.

I applied 2 coats of the Taupe/Champagne and added a butterfly sticker that had a pink rhinestone in the middle of it, the only thing i would do different is not use a white doesnt stand out as much as I would have liked it to. But I still love-Love-LOVE the color, and its a metallic so it adds some pizazz!
Tell me what you think!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Funky French

Hello Hello!

  So as you know my sissy and I received our goodies from Zoya! I used two of the four colors I got.Wanted to do something simple that I can do quickly.This is what I came up with...

  I think gray is such an awesome neutral that goes with just about everything.The colors I used were Zoya's Dove and Zoya's Jem.Now,I think the picture is pretty spot on with Dove since it's a neutral creme it photographs really well but I feel Jem just isn't done justice.It's a plumy kind of purple with some really spectacular undertones.Flub on my middle finger sigh...again what can you do? Hope you enjoyed! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Sh*t is BANANAS!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

I wanted to do something simple but with a pop! So I went thru my bucket-o-polish and grabbed a color that was completely different from what I normally use..and this neon purple caught my eye. I remember getting it back when I was in high school at Charlotte Russe. Along with an neon orange. Sadly it didnt come out as neon as I wanted it too but I like it, and have had people comment on it when they see these... got to be a good, right?

Anyways Back to the nails!  What I used: Sally Hansens- White on! Charlotte Russe- Banana (are you guys questioning me yet?) & Seche- Vite.

So 2 coats of Banana Later this is how it looks:
Now, we both know there is NOTHING "Banana" about this haha... its purple! I keep telling everyone the nail polish name and people think they labeled the bottle wrong. I dont think until I extensively google this, that we will ever know why they named the polish Banana haha.

I Love the color it turned into, but I am a little sad that its not neon, but life goes on... as does this blog!  So after the 2 coats, I brought out my dotting utensil and went to work after about 5 minutes of the dotting I was finished! Yayyyyy haha.

Sorry if the cuticles are a bit discolored! I was wiping of the excess and it made my skin look like a plum :) I hope you guys like it!  I think I might be doing some more spots in the future... but with Glitter! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toe-tally Tuesday!

Hello Hello!

  Well this is my first so hooray for that! I didn't really know what to do especially since I usually keep my toe nails pretty neutral.Since my finger nails are so loud haha.Anyhow,hope this is enough for y'all!

  I used Kleancolor's Jewelry Red and on my big toe I stamped using my BM11 plate with Sinful's Casablanca.The flowers stood out so good until I put on my topcoat,patience is not a virtue for me.The red wasn't dry enough so it tinted my flowers.I took a picture of just my big toe so you can see the detail better though.

  I still like it,even with my oops moment.Hope you all did too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Calypso Flower's

Hi everybody!

Before it got too late I wanted to post! I used one of my favorite nail polishes-you guessed it- Calypso! Chameleon makes it ad it's this awesome light metallic looking purple. What's not to love?!

What I used: Chameleon-Calypso, Revlon- Silver Dollar, Wet n' Wilds- Black Creme, Seche- Vite & one of my Konad stamping plates.

I started off with 2 base coats of Calypso, was pretty tempted to leave it at that :) It's so pretty!

Then I did some more gradient work with the Silver Dollar Nail polish.From the tip I worked down.

I felt it had a christmas-sy kinda look to it, it reminded me of frost! Since there's only 41 days till Christmas! (& our big brother's birthday && my little puppy Patron's 1st birthday-yes all christmas babies! haha) I want to start getting festive! No harm! But back to the mani- i picked up a random Konad I haven't used before, there's so many! That had some kind of flower/blast design going on and just stamped my whole finger over and over haha. I am really happy with the turn out, you really cant go wrong with something gradient :)
Dont forget the top coat! If you're going to spend time & effort on your nails, then make it last!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birds Of A Feather

Hello Hello!

  So if you couldn't tell by the title I'm doing something involving feathers...yes I know it's probably old by now but I love it.Plus I truly had no time to get to my nails today so this is from my archives.What? You didn't think I had backup? haha.Anyways on with the show!

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this while I had it on.It was really easy to do too.The color I used is one of those Mood Struck nail polishes that some of you may have seen in Rite-Aid.It had no name associated with it but the color was this really awesome vibrant blue that changed to a grape like purple with blue shimmer.The pictures really don't do it justice.It also gives you it's own french tip if your nails are long enough.Also pretty awesome-less work right? Now my accent fingers are feathers that were cut down to the length of my nails.I applied a base coat,stuck the feathers on quickly then two topcoats just to be extra sure they stayed in place.This mani held up so well.Makes me want to do it again haha.Hope you all enjoyed!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pip- Pip Hooray!

Hi all!

My mailman couldn't come soon enough today! I finally got the package from Zoya sissy and I have been waiting for alllllllll week :) Sissy & I are signed up for Zoya newsletters, we also get emails when Zoya has a buy 2 get 2 free sale... if some of you are not familiar with Zoy, their bottles of polish are usually $8 each. Luckily sissy & I are constantly lookings for deals and discounts and will rarely pay full price...for anything haha. So to jump into Turkey month I used some neutrals and a pop! or a Pip :)

What I used: Zoya- Pippa, Jesse's Girl-Fools Gold, Zoya- Jinx & Wet n' Wilds- Black Creme (when do I not use that? haha. Along with the M51 stamping plate.

I started off with 2 base coats of Pippa.. a color i have literally been wanting for months, the first time I saw it I fell in Love. I took a picture because it was so pretty!

Dont mind the mess! haha and then I took a makeup up sponge to start some blending. I took Jesse's Girl- Fools Gold and from the tips of my nail- I started sponging down to the cuticle. Not all the way, only half, just because I wanted the Pippa to show more. Then I took the Zoya- Jinx and repeated the same process, started from the tip and worked my way down... not too far down because I didnt want to cover up the gold.

I was happy with just this, so I couldn't wait to use my stamp! Took my stamping plate and the Black creme and stamped each of my fingers. I Love the turn out! Thanksgiving and fall-like colors!

                         & to everyone, I love this Pippa color- so you guys will be seeing more haha

Friday, November 11, 2011

Colorful Stripes!

Hello Hello!

  Happy Veteran's day,just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone serving our country before jumping into this mani-especially since my brother is in the Navy.
  Now let's get to business! I wanted to do zebra today and why not add a little spunk right? So that's exactly what I did with my multi color stripes.I wanted the background to be somewhat muted since I wanted the stripes to pop out more.Me being me though sparkle topped the somewhat neutral color,why not-never too much sparkle right?!? On nails for me anyways.Here's what the outcome is.

  For my base I used one coat of Sinful's Casablanca and two coats of OPI DS Coronation.For my stripes-which I used my Konad m57 plate for-I used NYC Pink Promenade Creme,Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away! and China Glaze's Spontaneous.Pretty easy,although my pointer finger got flubbed.Ehh what can you do? I like the outcome regardless and hope you do too!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Of Corset!

Oh hi!

Do you guys like my play on words? Of Corset you do! haha. Well, I see a lot of corset nails around, and I like the way they look, so I gave it a go.

What I used: Tape, Jesse's Girl-Glee, Sally Hansen's-White Pearl Metalic,Revlon- Silver Dollar, Wet n' Wild-Black Creme & Seche-Vite.

I did 2 coats of the Jesse's Girl- Glee polish. Which I absolutely LOOOVVVEEEE the color(and its not pink!) it reminds me of a mermaid eyeshadow that I had...sadly the eyeshadow as since been missplaced :( Anyways, so 2 basecoats of Glee, then its time for tape! Cut thin strips and place them on your fingers in a "V" (for me! haha) take Black Creme and all you need is one coat over the out side of the "V" ... notice how the color changes!
After your waiting pateiently for your nails to dry- and you touch them to make sure they are not even slightly wet! If you pull the tape off too soon, the nail polish is gooey and gross & it messes up your design.
Anyways pull the tape off slowly, and bring out your silver's. For the base I used the Sally Hansen White Pearl Metalic, I had a skinny brush tip made for line design's so I dipped it in the White Pearl, made little half circles. Waited for that to dry and went over the same circles with Revlon's Silver dollar.
Then with another skinny brush I dipped it in the Black Creme and made lines.And topped it off with Seche-Vite.

However, I will say this... these arent my favorite nails... and I think if I used a skinny one-haired painter's brush and got the lines thin then I would have been more satisfied. Just my tip if you guys want to do this at home!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All the leaves are brown...

Hello Hello!

...and the sky is grey (singing to myself) Well if you haven't heard that song by The Mamas & The Papas I recommend you find it,one of my all time faves and my inspiration for today's mani.As you know fall is finally here! I say finally because it just started cooling down where I live in California,hooray! So here it is.

Doesn't it look fall-ish? I must admit I'm loving how it came out! I did gradient because it reminded me of the leaves changing.So I used (from lightest to darkest) Nicole's The Next CEO,Orly's Glitz and Orly's Chocolate Martini.The image plate I used was BM19 and of course Wet N Wild's Black Creme.Topped it all off with my trusty 'ol SV and there you have it! Even before I stamped I already loved it,which I took a picture of that alone-no topcoat though.

Pretttttyyy huh? I like it anyways :-) Hope you did too!

Toe-Tally Tuesday!!

Hi Readers!

I hope you guys are still keeping up with my sister and I! And were still teachign you some new and exciting things to do with your nails :) I really couldnt decide what I wanted to do for toe-day heehee. I was going to do some victoria secret pink strips... I really like strips lately!and I am trying hard to stay away from pink! Trying to be versatile for you guys. And even though its getting chilly from all the fall weather I feel special with my toes done... it must be an obsessed-with-nail-polish-i-want-to-do-nails-all-day thing haha

What I used: Fool's Gold, Wet n' Wild's Black Creme, Seche-vite Top coat, Black heart fimo Stick & M57 Stamping plate.

I started off by doing 2 coats of the Fool's Gold,then took the stamping plate and stamped all my toes,  on my big toe I only stamped half of it & diagonally. I cut my cute little heart fimo stick up. Dabbed a little seche-vite to make it stay, and once i put the desired amount of the hearts on I  put a clear coat over all my toes.

I didnt clean up the toes yet because i didnt want to smudge anything :) I hope you guys like it! I like it because the stamp i used looks like fish net :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Half Moon Mani

Hello Hello!

  Now I've been wanting to do this for a bit,figured why not give it a go today.The colors were easy since I already had one in mind that I wanted to wear and the second I feel complemented it perfectly.Well it was between silver or gold.Since the base color has gold flecks in it I figured the silver will stand out a bit more.Although I will be doing my "half moon" gold next time I decide to do this mani heehee.

  So for the base I used two coats of Hard Candy's Beetle-let me just add that I am in loooove with this color.For the half moon I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear Celeb City.Loving these two colors together.I just free handed the half moon,figured it would be faster than tape.
  There you have it,a pretty easy and fast one for you gals on the go don't you think?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reverse Tip!

Hi All!
           I feel like I have been neglecting you guys as of recent :( no hard feelings, but I attended a very important birthday for one of my bestie's this weekend :) I also decided that since i was going to be wearing a cute little hot pink dress that I needed some cute pink nails to go with it :) SO here it is!

What I used: M57 stamping plate, NYC's Time Square, white tips & UV Gel.

I started off by getting my nails all prepped with the Time's Square polish & some stamping. I stamped all of my fingers nails took no time at all!( I know my nails are short... but its the reason I do tips, I bite my nails otherwise)

After I stamped all my nails it what time for some white tips,I glued them on and then cute them to the preferred length I liked. After that i put on the pink UV gel coat I have and cured it for 3 mins. took the cleanser and wiped off any tacky-ness that was left & then put the UV top coat on and let it cure for 3 more minutes and it was done! I seriously love these nails! something easy yet pretty.

Friday, November 4, 2011

For Audrey

Hello Hello!

  Well today I have a fairly simple design.I'm in kind of a blue mood,Tiffany blue that is.I also wanted to be a little springy on this fine fall day.
  I used China Glaze's For Audrey (obviously) for my base,Sinful's Nirvana for the branches and Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink for my blossoms.The branches were a little tricky to get as thin as I wanted them but overall I'm pleased with the outcome.Hope you all enjoyed!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Think Pink!

Hi all!

Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather! So if you noticed,me V, has a problem with pink... I like it way tooo much. And I am going thru the 12 steps to work on it haha but if its not the pink that catches my eye then its the sparkle! I think we all know where I am going with this haha. SO in my rambling there is actually a HUGE hint as to what I did to my nails :)

all I used was acrylic and glitter...lots and LOTS of PINK glitter haha... and I suggest that you dont get the glitter at a craft store. They will charge you up the ying-yang for it! Sissy and I are thrifty, more bang for the buck! I ended up getting this 16 cans with  2 oz. of glitter in each, the prettiest blues,purples,black, silver,yellow, & Pink :) I think for $10 too.

You really dont need much to do this, I did acrylic and then before I finished it off with the top coat, take clear nail polish or white(if you want to see the lines easier) and paint tips onto your nails, open the can of glitter and shake it on you finger nail, it will stick to whats wet. I also advise putting paper underneath your hand while you do this so you can save the excess glitter you shake off,define the lines for the tips. Very carefully paint a clear coat over the top. Paint the nail bed on all your fingers first, then the tips so there is less chance for it to spread.

other options: 1~ before you put the acrylic on, put the glitter then acrylic. 2 ~ if you dont use acrylic skip all that jazz and go right for the glitter 3~ My way haha

                                                                The close up pictures didnt do the glitter justice.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black & White Event

Hi readers!

 Gaga bedazzled zebra-ness!!! ...&  I am just throwing this out there that black is a very rare color to see my nails haha ask sissy! I actually didnt spend hours on end with these ones, which made me very happy!

I used 2 colors, Sally Hansens White On! and Wet n' Wild's Back Creme (Which I deff need more of now), I used the M57 stamping plate and some rhinestones I got from Michaels (they have a pin wheel of various sizes and it was pretty cheap too!)

Very simple, I painted all but my ring fingers black, the ring fingers were painted with the White on! first. I stamped half of my ring finger with the zebra print, then painted the oter side of my nail, I did a wavy line so the jewels wouldnt be in a line all boring and what not haha. I took 2 different size and started glue them on in a random order, I finished it off with the seche-vite (so my little rhinestones would have a better chance of surviving) and ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!!!! simple yet snazzy design!