Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Dash Of PINK

Hey Everyone!!!

So today I wanted to something a little more simple. I have been starting a garden and dont want to get my beautiful nail ruined in 2.5 seconds haha. SO until I am done with planting things might be a little dull :) Sorry!

What I Used: White tips, Uv clear gel, Uv top coat, Heart fimo and 1.5 mm hot pink rhinestones

I started of by doing my nails a french like I like :) and then added the heart to the ring finger, I brought out my handy dandy little rhinestones and went to town putting them on! after I put on a uv top coat ( my trick to making those rhinestones stay!) and I was done. I love this, something easy but it still looks nice. Hope you like!!!

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