Saturday, April 7, 2012

Romantic Rose

Hey all,

I know this looks a bit like my sissy's stationary mani but hey! Roses are in right now haha. What I did was pretty basic, and since I am in love with my new dress with a similar design, I had to do it!

What I used: Wet N' Wilds- Tickled Pink, UV gel Pink glitter, Zoya- Midori and a hot pink polish that I forgot the name of, Sorry!

I started with putting tips on all my nails like usual. Next I did 2 coats of tickled pink on all my nails. I used the glitter gel on my pointer and ring finger and let it all cure for 3 minutes. After that it was time to stamp!!!

Brought out one of my plates and just used the roses but not the leafs that were on the design ( I wanted to draw my own in ) Used the hot pink polish to stamp and all that jazz and then took a tiny paint brush to dip in midori and added leafs sparingly. I think I added more leafs where I think I messed up on the stamping haha, the hot pink rose on the pink rubber stamp tip I have made it impossible to see what I was doing! Forgive me haha. After that I did a top coat of Seche Vite and cured it for another 3 Minutes just to speed up the process. I am in love and want to do more of these! With Blues and yellows.... like my pippa. I think that would look goood, dont you think? Anyways hope you all like my post :)

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