Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Simplicity

Hello Hello!

  Today I have something ridiculously simple.I find myself trying to rack my brain when it comes to our Toe-tally Tuesdays.Why you ask? I do so much on my fingernails so I like keeping it very simple on my toe nails,translation-boring.So I hope this is a bit of a heads up just in case you don't think my toes are so snazzy haha.
  For my base color I used Orly's Basket case and because I knew that was going to be a little deeper than I wanted I layered NYX Angel on top.Angel is a opal-esque color but not really sheer so I knew it would pull back that Basket Case exactly how I wanted it to.I have some round and tear drop shaped nail rhinestones so I arranged those into a very easy flower and that's it.Hope you all enjoyed!

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