Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toe-Tally Tuesday!!!!

Hi all!

Really glad to be back, and there have been some new polish additions to my set so you guys are in for a treat :) Since today IS Toe-tally Tuesday I have to leave the mani's for a later date and focus on the little piggy's. I love using my molds and sometimes less is more. Which goes along with this next post.

What I used: 3D mold, White acrylic, NYC's Time Square and Seche-Vite

Started off with 2 coats of Times Square, I love this nail polish and for the longest time this was my one and only pink. My go-to color... but  now I cant decide between nail polish's anymore, its a curse haha. In between my coats I got my mold out, the one I used is part of a lace set but its more of a string of pearls in my opinion. To speed up the drying process I set the mold in my uv lamp and let it cure for 3 minutes. I did my second coat of Time Square and let it dry. I carefully took the dried Acrylic out and placed it only on my big toe and let cut of what edges didn't fit on my nail. Covered that up with seche-vite and I was done :) something quick...but didnt take a long time at all! I took just a pic of the big toe to show everyone the design better, and the other little piggys were left just hot pink :)

Sorry for the messy cuticles, old habits die hard :)

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